Contact Hours Certificate

Question: How do I complete this self-paced e-Class successfully and qualify for the class certificate and 35 contact hours?

Answer: As a Registered Education Provider (REP) with PMI we are obligated to ensure that students taking our courses, both online and instructor-led, have participated fully to qualify for either contact hours or Professional Development Units (PDU) hours.

Instructor-led classes are easy since we see you in class and we keep a signed roster as proof that you attended. On-line e-classes are more problematic. We must have a standard set of criteria that we can use to validate that you applied due diligence to this e-class.

The class completion certificate does not come automatically. You must request a certificate. The reason that you might want a certificate is if you would like proof of the 35 contact hours. If you do not need the contact hours, there is no reason you would need the certificate.

The process for receiving a completion certificate is as follows:

  Contact us at to request the certificate.
  We will review your e-class and validate the following:

  • You scored 70% or higher in each of the end of section quizzes. You may take these quizzes multiple times if necessary.
  • You score 70% or higher in the final exam. You can take the final test multiple times if necessary.
  • You have written „Lessons Learned“ at the end of the appropriate sections. We find that documenting your lessons learned is a good technique to help you remember the material.
  • You have spent 35 hours (or more) on the reading the content, taking the exams, completing lessons learned, etc.

  We will reply to your request within three business days.

We understand that it is possible to download much of the class content to read offline and many students find this effective. At the end of each section, you will have an opportunity to document the time that you spent offline studying the material. If you wish to receive an official completion certificate you need to document your offline hours. We will validate the total number of hours that you spent on this e-class by adding your online hours (exams, lessons learned, reading, etc.) and your reporting of your offline hours.

Remember that we are not validating that you have mastered the content. We are simply validating that you spent at least 35 contact hours in this e-class and that you showed competency by passing the quizzes and exam.

If you have questions on this process, please contact us at

Of course the major purpose of the e-class is to prepare you for the PMP® Exam. Investing 35 hours in this exam prep class is a great first step. You should also continue to utilize other sources, including the PMBOK® Guide and the Exam Simulator. This allows you to discover your weak areas and review those areas again, either in the PMBOK® Guide or other material, until you improve your scores and get more confident in the material.